Chicken and Life Choices

I was standing at the end of the buffet table watching the chicken pieces closely and making sure to let every single associate know that they could only have one piece. This is the moment when I realized where my life choices had taken me.

There was lots of chicken left over, by the way. No one wanted to try for seconds if it meant seeing me. We threw it all away.

I left that job a month later.

Usually, this kind of story would be followed up with, “And then I started my new business and swim in money!” That is definitely not the case here. At 27, I packed up what little life I had and moved back in with my parents.

When I left, I had a grand plan of going back to school and getting a Master’s. It went something like:

  1. Move back with parents.
  2. Get Master’s.
  3. Profit!!

That is not how events actually went. Long story short, money is a thing and I needed a job. Several years later, I have a job (that I love!) but money is still a thing, and my plans have changed again.

I just need the reminder now and then that even though I’m not exactly where I want to be, I’m better off than where I was at 27, hovering over a chicken platter and making sure everyone person only got one. Anything is better than that.

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